Hey, There!
I’m Alice.

I became vegetarian at the age of 15, and turned vegan about ten years later, without particular concern for food and cooking at this time. After long studies, when I started working as an aeronautical engineer, I found myself with more free time. I started to go to the gym, and it quickly turned into a true passion. As I kept workout even more, I also started to care about my nutrition in order to make the best of my performances. I learned a lot about food and nutrition and wanted to apply all that to my diet. Step by step, I started to cook my own meals, to be aware of the products I used and to eat in a healthier way. It did not take a long for me to take the game and in less than one year I totally changed my life. With my growing passion for cuisine, I dedicated almost all my free time to it, experimenting new recipes, flavors and technics, learning and sharing all that on social media. Also passionate about photography since I my childhood I combined my skills to create consistent and stunning content which would inspire people around the world… That is how Early Brawd got started! Two years later, I quit my job to realize my dream and become a full time food photographer and recipe developer. Now I’m living my passion, using all my energy to help people to make the best of their brand or business, or to share my knowledge about plant based cuisine.

Oh, and I almost forgot, I am a big travel enthusiastic. Since my early childhood, I love to travel abroad and discover new places, people, cultures and flavors. I have made it a top priority and I try to leave at the first opportunity, to escape and find inspiration. I love to walk around a city, feel its atmosphere and stop in a little coffee found at the bend of a street for a traditional pastry. It is where I find most of my inspiration and ideas that I bring back home. 



Who I am

« I am a French food photographer and recipe creator based in Paris, with an overflowing passion for delicious and healthy plant based cuisine. »

Why Early Brawd ?

These words represent who I am. «Early», because there is nothing I love more than waking up early in the morning and spend hours preparing breakfast while everything is so peacefull, looking at the sun rising slowly by my window and smelling that sweet cinnamon flavor that escapes from my oven and fills the room. «Brawd» is a combination of «braud» and «raw». «Raw», because I truly believe in the beauty and benefits of raw food and the necessity to integrate it in our daily meal plan. By raw, I mean widely unprocessed, natural and seasonal food. And «Braud» is the Icelandic word for Bread. I have nothing to do with Iceland except that it is a place a particularly love, because of its exceptional nature and scenic landscapes, its amazing inhabitants and their consciousness of their treasures.


I truly believe that cooking is a vector of sharing and wellness: with cookies you can spread the love around. Cooking has become my therapy: it is my Self Love moment, when I can commune with myself, preparing food that I know will be good for my body and mind. With this blog, I simply want to share my love for food and photography, and maybe to give you some inspiration. I hope you will enjoy my recipes and take a lot of pleasure to make them, as much as I did.

Love and light.