Become a Partner

You are an art gallery

NexeArt Capital, a C.E.C.O.A. accredited expert in contemporary and urban art and a leasing expert, with its own leasing solution with renowned banking partners, works in close collaboration with recognized artists and gallery owners throughout France and abroad. Our mission is to offer you a unique, innovative experience without intermediaries. The NexeArt Capital team is at your side to offer you and your clients the most suitable financing offer and associated services: expertise, consulting, certificates, authenticity, etc.
You wish to expand your clientele, find new sources of growth for your artists or sell certain works from your stock.

Wealth Management Advisor / Financial Investment Advisor / Private Banker / Family Office

You are in the field of financial investment advice: CGP, CIF, Private Banker, Family Office

Would you like to diversify your services and your clients’ investments by offering investment solutions in art that is already sourced, with a high IRR, and still accessible, or in cutting-edge works for your clients’ collections?

NexeArt Capital can assist you throughout the entire buying and selling process for the investment of works of art in your private clients’ collections.

As an expert in private equity and art asset management, we are fully aware of the commission rules linked to the subscription or purchase of products by your clients. This is why a partnership agreement will be signed upstream between NexeArt Capital and its partner, so that any partner of the Artoutprix site will be remunerated according to the conditions previously established between NexeArt Capital and its partner during the placement (purchase or sale) of works.

We will provide you and your clients with all our expertise and solutions, so that we can assist you in the presentation of works of art and the advantages linked to financial investments in art.

We already have a collection of 150 appraised works of art, NexeArt Capital also works with several accounting firms, consulting firms, asset management firms and CGP platforms, as well as family offices and collectors…

You are a collector and you wish to sell your collection

We are always looking for works from the 80’s, we are looking for artists such as dondi white, rammellzee, futura, a-one, richard hambleton, kenny scharf, blade, lady pink, zephyr, jonone, phase 2, as well as contemporary artists such as space invader, robert combas, kaws, banksy, dran, keith haring, etc…

NexeArt Capital has an installed base of buyers, collectors, and financial investment advisors who can offer them to their clients and help you sell them.

Please contact us if you are interested in buying or selling works for your personal collection.

You are an interior designer, decorator, art advisor

You wish to develop the collection (contemporary art, urban art, furniture, decorative arts) and furnish the interior of your clients on your sites.

Please contact us if you wish to buy or sell works for your clients’ collection.